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Autoworld is the way forward

AutoWorld is the way forward.

Company Profile


At AUTOWORLD we have a passionate and energised Management team that bring years of experience in the auto world industry for the benefit of AUTOWORLD’s customers.

At AUTOWORLD you will find reliable vehicles at wholesale prices.

What differentiate us is that at AUTOWORLD we care and because we care we can enable more people to possess their own set of wheels. Having your own car is a big step towards independence, if you have your own vehicle, you do not have to rely on friends, family members or public transport, giving you more control over your life and that is the difference that AUTOWORLD is making in South Africa. We are in this position by design, and this is testament of our commitment to innovation and change.

AUTOWORLD is a sustainable business operating from Montana, Pretoria. We are continuously improving our business model to ensure that it stay relevant, and we can offer the product the client needs at a price he can afford. We are offering different ways for a client to acquire a vehicle, and that even those blacklisted is not automatically disqualified.

We pride ourselves in the variety that we can offer prospective clients, and we ensure that we can always offer each model at a competitive price.

Coming from the motor industry we bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, and we use all that we know to bring to our clients a flexible and trustworthy process of acquiring the wheels they have been dreaming of.

At AUTOWORLD we ensure that all the vehicle, undergo a stringent 101-point check system prior to going onto the shop floor and if any defaults are discovered during the testing process clients are made aware of the defaults. By doing so you can buy with peace of mind with no nasty surprises and that also sets AUTOWORLD apart from our competitors.

As a customer focused business, we act according to the principles of honesty and integrity.


AUTOWORLD offers at wholesale prices Repo vehicles and Fleet vehicles.

We offer a variety of cars for you to look at and to make a decision that suits your preferences and your pocket. We assist with financing and after an initial quick survey the financing process will be completed in days.

If you are in the fleet business, we can offer you Fleet vehicles.

At AUTOWORLD we understand the importance of building your fleet with reliable vehicles at affordable prices and we will support you by ensuring vehicles are carefully selected, considering the information available from our thorough assessment of each vehicle.


We offer a variety of vehicles at affordable prices. Not only do we offer a wide selection, but we also understand that clients are different, and their needs are different, and we therefore have multiple ways in which a vehicle can be acquired.

Daily sales

Visit our showroom and get assisted by helpful and experienced staff that will ensure that you are introduced to a couple of vehicles that fit your requirements and your budget. At AUTOWORLD we can also offer you the required support to get the finance required to purchase your dream set of wheels.

Rent to Buy (Blacklisted Welcome)

This is a brilliant opportunity for you to get your wheels despite some previous issues in terms of being blacklisted or not qualifying for financing for whatever reason.


If you visit our website (www.AutoworldSA.co.za) you will find that online Auction auctions are taking place on a regular basis. You can place your bet and you can see the bets placed by other people, this can be your opportunity to acquire the wheels you always wanted.

AUTOWORLD has a replace for value system in place to ensure that the ultimate product always meet your need and expectation (T&C’s apply).

Company Background

The executive team of the company collectively brings more than 75 years of hands-on experience to the table, while our personnel was brought up in the industry we are so passionate about.

We have conducted more than 500 successful auctions nationally, selling in excess of 70 000 vehicles, machinery and equipment.

Our expertise and focus assures consistency and quality in our performance.

Our mission is to create opportunities for everyone we interact with, enabling:

  • Our customers to build their businesses.
  • Our employees to build their future.
  • Our shareholders to build their wealth.

Policies & BEE Status

AUTOWORLD directors and senior management are responsible for the policies and their scope.

We are committed to excellence in all business activities, products and services.

The company is committed to building a diverse workforce by balancing gender and colour in recruitment and development practices and by introducing people with disabilities into the workplace.

AUTOWORLD is a proud level four contributor to B-BBEE with a 100% BEE procurement recognition level.

At AUTOWORLD, we pursue our business with honesty, integrity and fairness.

We recognise that transparency and open communication are essential to a healthy relationship with our employees and our clients.

AUTOWORLD abides by South African laws, consumer acts, health safety, environmental protection and labour standards.

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