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Autoworld is the way forward

Welcome to Autoworld Auction & Trade Centre

AutoWorld is committed to developing new processes and innovative alternatives with the client regarding the disposal of their assets. We will assist the client to minimise their costs and will do all that is necessary to help maximise their returns.

The AutoWorld service proposition will provide the client with a unique and integrated approach to re-market used vehicles, trucks, buses and equipment.

Maximum exposure in one week is given to the disposal of assets (live auctions every Wednesday and online auctions every day of the week except Saturday & Sunday– total exposure to over 2,000 serious buyers nationally every day of the week).

Mobile auctions offer clients the opportunity to auction assets in remote geographical locations.

AutoWorld specialises in the remarketing of moveable assets, offers a one-stop, turnkey proposition designed to maximize returns, control expenses and eliminate risks. 

All of the AutoWorld services provide significant financial and operational benefits to the client. The objective is to turn assets into capital in the shortest, most efficient way while keeping effective control through all stages of the process. 

AutoWorld is able to offer relevant sales statistics and reports on all results achieved on all the different makes, models and variants.

The AutoWorld mobile and online auctions offer clients the opportunity to auction assets in remote geographical locations without having to incur additional travel and transport expenses and then also eliminating the risks that GO with it.

Our Services Include:

  • Vehicle Valuations
  • Inspections
  • Minimum Guaranteed Offers & Inventory Control
  • Storage
  • Valet & Cleaning
  • Insurance
  • Security
  • Marketing and Advertising Administration
  • Live Auctions
  • Electronic Online Auctions & Mobile Auction Units

AutoWorld is the way forward.

Company Profile

About AutoWorld

AutoWorld is an auto-orientated company that specialises in auctions, valuations and logistics, with our main focus being moveable asset auctions.

Having successfully managed and coordinated over 500 vehicle auctions, it is and always will be our priority to assist customers to maximise returns and minimize expense. AutoWorld will work with you to customise a program to meet your unique business requirements.

AutoWorld is able to turn your liabilities into cash. We know the market better than anyone and our daily interaction with retailers, wholesalers, fleet owners, financial institutions and corporate businesses provide us with the inside knowledge of the latest market, price, consumer and industry trends.

We believe that our “Value Added Approach” and our vast experience in the auction business and motor industry will ensure successful results to you as our potential client. The combination of live, online and mobile, onsite auctions, specially designed for remote geographical areas, empowers us to provide fast and effective turnaround times on assets.

Company Background

The executive team of the company collectively brings more than 75 years of hands-on experience to the table, while our personnel was brought up in the industry we are so passionate about.

We have conducted more than 500 successful auctions nationally, selling in excess of 70 000 vehicles, machinery and equipment.

Our expertise and focus assures consistency and quality in our performance.

Our mission is to create opportunities for everyone we interact with, enabling:

  • Our customers to build their businesses.
  • Our employees to build their future.
  • Our shareholders to build their wealth.
Policies & BEE Status

AutoWorld directors and senior management are responsible for the policies and their scope.

We are committed to excellence in all business activities, products and services.

The company is committed to building a diverse workforce by balancing gender and colour in recruitment and development practices and by introducing people with disabilities into the workplace.

AutoWorld is a proud level four contributor to B-BBEE with a 100% BEE procurement recognition level.

At AutoWorld, we pursue our business with honesty, integrity and fairness.

We recognise that transparency and open communication are essential to a healthy relationship with our employees and our clients.

AutoWorld abides by South African laws, consumer acts, health safety, environmental protection and labour standards.

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